Lyme Disease Support

Dr. Tom Francescott explains the symptoms + his unique natural approach to care.

Symptoms of Lyme Disease

  • Flu Like Symptoms
  • Sudden Joint Pain + Fatigue
  • Bull’s Eye Rash
  • Cognitive + Memory Loss

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Lyme Disease Support + Natural Care
What is Lyme Disease? My doctor says I don’t have Lyme but I sure feel like I do. I am so utterly tired and my joints feel like shards of glass, what do I have? What are CD-57 cells and how are they a clue to lyme disease? Is taking antibiotics enough to fight off chronic lyme disease?As a doctor have a “big picture” view on what Lyme is or what it can be. Conventionally, Lyme is defined as an infectious illness caused by a tick (spirochete) Borellia burgdorferi. While this is certainly true it is by no means the whole story especially in its chronic form. Lyme is a very confusing illness because in 50% of the cases, there is no tick bite or rash to be found. Lyme disease can be often dismissed by many doctors in its early stages which can lead to chronic Lyme and severe health challenges.

I think of Lyme as a “disease process” that results from the bite of an infected tick. This infection can be B.burgdorferi and/or many other co-infections. If the infection is not properly dealt with immediately, it can progress to its chronic form which is then much harder to treat because the Lyme disease starts to weaken the immune system and starts to “mimic” many other diseases like arthritis, chronic fatigue, cardiovascular or neurological diseases. In its chronic form, it can cause you to feel so chronically ill that it literally can affect every organ in the body. That is why no single treatment will work.

Many things start to go wrong in the person’s immune system, digestion, cardiovascular systems that lead to Inflammation, other infections, toxicity, nutritional deficiencies, mitochondrial dysfunction, hormonal imbalance, and mood and well being.

If you see a tick bite or feel any sudden symptoms, you should immediately go to your doctor and be assessed for possible Lyme. It is much easier to treat an acute Lyme infection then it is to treat chronic Lyme infections. Diagnosis can be very tricky and that compounds the problems. Many doctors are still inexperienced in Lyme disease, in what tests to order or even if they believe in Lyme disease. Yes, I have had patients tell me that their infectious disease doctor told them that Lyme is all made up and doesn’t exist.

Growing up in the Hudson Valley and supporting so many people through chronic Lyme, makes me extra attentive for Lyme disease in people. The tests are notoriously inaccurate or the proper tests are not done in the first place. Therefore, Lyme Disease is a CLINICAL DIAGNOSIS based on a person history and presentation.

My strong belief is that when I am supporting folks with CHRONIC Lyme disease, I am focused on optimizing the host (you the person with Lyme) and less focused on eradicating the organism.

Causes of Lyme can include bites from infected ticks (and possible other insects) carrying Borrelia burgdorferi, or Co-infections like: Bartonella, Ehrlichia, Babesia (parasite), Anaplasma, Mycoplasma, and viruses

In chronic conditions, like chronic Lyme disease, I always want to answer the question, How do I strengthen the host (you the person with lyme) so that the infection does not and cannot be in the body?  If you just solely focus on the organism you are missing more than half the story and probably will fail to address or reverse the condition.

A holistic and integrated approach encompasses looking at the whole picture. Looking at the person’s recent medical history, symptoms, genetic tendencies, metabolism, past immune issues or infections, history of antibiotic use, and spiritual and emotional factors are all important.

Obviously, attention to the immune system is key and correcting any imbalances is crucial. The bulk of one’s immune system is the core or digestive tract. So we need to optimize the digestion and reduce any potential food allergies or leaky gut. I find many clients with Lyme tend to have leaky gut or candida. As you can see, no single treatment option like antibiotics will correct a chronic Lyme disease or restore you back to your original health.

As with any disease, improvement and well being can happen when fundamental key areas are healed. Supporting the adrenals and thyroid are often very important. checking for and correcting nutritional deficiencies like B12, minerals, Omega 3 fatty acids, and then supporting the immune system with natural immune system boosters

The biggest mistake people making in trying to achieve improved health is to choose one vitamin or supplement and expect total body results. The truth is the body has different needs and one product is not the answer. Dr. Tom Francescott’s “Core Foundation” program is designed for you to achieve maximum results by combining exclusive products that address the body’s core needs to produce the best results- guaranteed.
Each Core Foundation product is hand picked by Dr. Tom. You simply choose one product from each Core number. This unique personalized approach takes the guesswork out of product selection and gives you the results that you need. Improve your health, spend less time selecting products, and stop wasting money on supplements that don’t work.

Core 1: Functional Foods- Nourish your body with medical grade foods.
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Core 3: Oils- Protect the nerves, heart, and cells.
Core 4: Multi’s- Replenish lost nutrients from stress, environment, and toxins.
Core 5: Specialty- Complete your unique Core Foundation with specialty products.

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